Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(October 6, 2018)

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by our Club Vice President, Gary Tischer at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA.

October’s Club meeting was attended by 17 members.

There were no new members or guests.

Wally Santella provided the October Secretaries Report of September’s Club meeting minutes and they were also posted to our Club Website.

Tom Willett provided the October Treasurers Report, including finanical detail for our 3 Key Bank accounts.

Wally Santella reported that there was no correspondence from our Club P.O. Box for this month, but shared an email that he received from Gary Rutter, who is looking for a specific 1965 GTO hardtop that is Fontaine Blue with a white top, and it’s an automatic.  Gary says he is a GTO enthusiast from the east coast and he thinks’ the car is from the Vancouver area.and wonders if anyone in our Club has this car, or knows about it.

There was no guest speaker of the month.

Tom Willett raised a motion that “the Club consider donating a scholarsip to the Washington Institute of Technology (Automotive Program) in the amount of $2000, and that the Club set up a scholarship fund at the Renton Technical College Fund (Automotive Program) in the amount of $2500 or two scholarships in the amount of $1000 each.  There was discussion about this motion from the attendees and the motion was passed to consider and approve or disapprove this scholarship effort by a Membership Mail-In Ballot process.  Tom will send out a mass emailing to all of our members with an explanation of this 1 year only scholarship donation effort, including a Club Ballot for each member to use, to indicate their approval or disapproval and an indication of certain options contained in this effort.  The return of these Ballots or the Club member’s vote and option preferences but be returned or communicated (by email or phone call) by November 3rd, 2018. Tom also added that he and Wally will be attending the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame’s Annual Banquet, on October 13th, in Linwood, where this year’s scholarship donations are announced.

2019 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) – Wally Santella spoke about his and Ted’s effort to look into an optional activity to be added to our plans for the 2019 Tigers on the Columbia.  Specifically, we are considering adding a car cruise between Yakima and Ellensburg, Washington on the Yakima River Canyon Highway, with a stop-off picnic somewhere appropriate.  Wally mentioned that they are looking at one candidate location for the picnic to be held at a local area winery and that he and Ted will be taking a trip over to review the cruise area and look into other possible picnic sites.  Wally added that Ted will look into  reserving some hotel rooms in Ellensburg, for people who may want to stay overnight and have a farewell dinner together, before returning to their homes in western Washington. Oregon and Canada the next day.

Don McLaughlin reminded the attending membership that this years annual Club Xmas Party/meeting is scheduled for December 1st, at 5:00pm, at the 13 Coins Restaurant, across from the Airport, on Pacific Highway.  Don also added  the Club’s decision to charge $20/meal/person and to pickup the remainder of the cost.

– Wally Santella reported that he has sent information to the following car show calendar organizations with our 2019 show plans:
(1) NW Car Event Calendar (Peter DuPre – Publisher)
(2) Oldtimers Northwest Calendar (Ron Perkerewicz – Publisher)
(3) CruZin Magazine Calendar (Patricia Stein – Publisher)
Wally indicated that we update our 2019 Tigers on the Columbia/NW Muscle Car Meet/Pontiac Picnic-in-the-Park/NW American Muscle Car Show flyers before January, 2019 and get them out to various members, locations, our Club Website and to previous attendees of our car shows.
CUB’s AUTOMATED DUES RENEWAL PROCESS –  Wally Santella announced that online processing our Club dues renewal process has been implemented in our new G-Man Club Management System – G-Man.  Our members can now go to our Club website, and go into the online Dues Renewal process and renew their NW GTO Legends and GTOAA dues for next year.  You will add yhour name, address, phone and email info, and if your car info has changed, info about your new car or changes to your existing car.  The system will then process your credit/debit card and you will received and email acknowledgement of your dues renewal.  Wally encouraged everyone to start using this G-Man function.
– Wally Santella provided the following performance projections for our two muscle car shows this year:
(1) 32nd Annual NW Muscle Car Meet = 43 Pre-Registrations, 47 Post Registrations, 90 cars, project revenue of $2,353.66.
(2) 6th Annual NW American Muscle Car Show = 30 Pre-Registrations, 42 Post Registrations, 72 cars and projected revenue of $2,059.66.

Wally Santella spoke about his activity of restoring the set of 5 Rally II wheels on the 1968 GTO frame-off restoration project he is working on for Darin Warren.

50/50 RAFFLE:
A 50/50 Raffle was held and $57 was raised.  $29 went to Gary Tischer and $28 went to the Club.

The club’s business meeting as was adjorned at 7:30pm by our Vice President, Gary Tischer, and the next meeting will be held at the Round Table Pizza, on Noverber 3rd, at 6:00pm.