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Gallery Updated 8-5-2019


8-5-2019  –  As of today, our roster has been updated with all the photos given to me by our membership so far. If your name and car are listed, but no “camera icon” is posted next to it, I still need photos of your cars. The bigger the better, and can include _ANY_ car you own. Email them to the email address listed at the top-left of every page on this website. Thank you again for your support.


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Welcome to the Northwest GTO Legends official website. We are excited to bring GTO enthusiasts a club that caters to the total GTO experience. Whether you’re into racing the Great One, showing off your prized Poncho, restoring a GeeTO to it’s former glory, or just enjoy the company of people that do – we’ve got just the ride for you. We also offer a fantastic newsletter, Legendary Lines, with color features, tech info, stories, and member cars.

Whether you are a member or not, we invite you to use our message boards. Click on the “Forums” button (top) and follow the simple registration instructions. You’ll be done in seconds.

We are an official chapter of the GTOAA (GTO Association of America), the 13th to be exact, and got things started way back in 1984-1985. It all started with 3 GTO nuts wanting to start a GTO fraternity in our part of the Northwest. Over the years, the club has evolved with many great people getting involved and contributing their time, effort, and personalities to make it the awesome experience that it is today. Our goal is simple, bring enjoyment to the hobby of owning, driving, and appreciating the greatest musclecar, the original, the Pontiac GTO.

Some of the activities that keep us busy throughout the year include attending car shows (including the famed Tiger Run), cruise nights, swap meets, parades, picnics, bowling nights, car member work parties (resurrecting the D.A.R.E. ’69 GTO, Team Royal Botkin), an annual Holiday Party, our annual Rainier Run, which draws cruiz fans from all over and the biggie, our own Northwest Musclecar Meet which gathers the finest musclecars in the region once a year. After all these years, it’s still the best & only show of it’s kind in the Northwest.

Being a Chapter of the GTO Association of America, our membership fees include additional membership in the GTOAA National Club. The National prints a monthly newsletter that is nothing short of fantastic. You wouldn’t believe all the GTO owners around the world! They also feature a car of the month, technical articles and a GREAT classified section that is free for advertisements by members.

We would like to make this an invitation for you and any other Musclecar enthusiast you know to join our club. Come to our next meeting and see what we’re all about! You need not own a GTO to join, all we ask is that you are interested in preserving America’s finest musclecars, and the purpose of our club.

For in state members, we ask that you attend a meeting to complete the membership process. Below are a couple useful links. You can fill out the membership app electronically; the TAB key to move from field to field, then print out the results and mail the app to the address specified along with the fee. 12-month membership renewal fees are due by December 31st of each year. The rest of the details are on the application.

Northwest GTO Legends
P.O. Box 66899
Seattle, WA 98166

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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