Wally Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(November 2, 2019)

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by our President, Ted Knapp at the Roundtable Pizza, in Burien, WA.

September’s Club meeting was attended by 19 members.

No guests or new members at this Club Meeting.

Wally Santella read the November Secretaries Report and October’s meeting minutes were posted to the Club Website. 

Ted Knapp read the October Treasures Report (in Tom Willett’s absence) and provided the Club’s financial details for the period of October 1st, through October 31st,  2019.

Wally Santella said that there was no correspondence received for the month of October.

There was non guest speaker for the month of November.



2020 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Ted Knapp gave a quick review for next year’s Tigers on the Columbia.  He reminded the attendees that the contracts with the Red Lion and City of Richland for the Howard Amon Park were both signed.  Ted also explained his ongoing effort to efforts to explore a Beer Brewery Tour, as a possible activity for Sunday.

2021 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Ted Knapp reminded the attendees that he has also signed a contract with the Red Lion Hotel to secure the Red Lion as our main venue for 2021’s Tigers on the Columbia event.   

2019 Club Christmas/Banquest/Meeting – Bob Weiss, Wally & Ann Santella  gave the attendees another progress report on our efforts to hold our 2019 Xmas Banquet at the Merrill Gardens in Burien.  Wally and Bob will go to Merrill Gardens next week on Wednesday and do a walk-thru of the Banquet Room and make sure it has ample room, seating capacity, and is organized to suit our needs.  Wally will provide Act 3 and the Merrill personnel  with a room schematic, showing locations of seating tables, serving tables, sign-in table and presenting table.  Wally will send out another broadcast email, with driving directions, & parking directions and push members to register or communicate their attendance plans.

2020 Scholarship Donation Plans – Ted Knapp brought up the vote tally results on next years scholarship donations and asked the attending members to raise a motion to approved the plan and have Tom Willett proceed with the donations.  A motion was raised and approved by a show of hands and Tom was authorized to proceed.


2020 Club Drag Racing –  Ted Knapp updated the membership on his efforts to get the ball rolling on the clubs efforts to establish some drag racing next summer.  Ted was contact by Bremerton Raceways and want to get our Club on their calendar schedule.  At this point, Ted says he needs some of the members that are interested in racing to get involved and help shape the plans moving forward, including racing dates and brackets.

2020 NW American Muscle Car Show Schedule – Wally Santella addressed the attending membership about next year’s Griot’s show.  Wally explained that we have to choose between two different dates; September 6th, which is on a Sunday, and September 26th, which is on a Saturday.  A vote was taken and the majority chose September 26th.

Future Club Meeting –   Ted Knapp, has continued his efforts to get a future club meeting held at Mario Pippins’ car collection in Renton, at the south end of the Renton Airport.  Bob Weiss suggested this event and if the Club approves, the Mario’s facility is available.  We could gather at 4:00pm, tour the collection and start the club business meeting at 6:00pm.  The club would provide food and soft drinks.  Since Ted has not gotten this finalized, he suggests moving this to February to allow this to get communicated in broadcast email and Legendary Lines.  

2020 Dues Renewal Process – Wally Santella updated the membership on progress so far with our 2020 Dues Renewal Process.  Barbara Brazil is updating G-Man member records for all online dues renewal registration and Wally is updating G-Man member records for all check, cash and application form dues renewals.  So far, they have passed 2 update rosters to the GTOAA for approximately 31 members.  Their goal is to try to complete this process by the end of December.

New Club Newsletter Editor/Publisher TeamTed Knapp again announced that Don Romero is stepping down as our Club Newsletter Editor/Publisher at the end of this year.  The Board has accepted David and Melinda Gale and their offer to take over this responsibility.

2020 Club Officer NominationsTed Knapp nominated Bill Nelson for the position of Club President and Wally Santella nominated Bob Stevenson as Club Secretary.

SHOP TALK:  Wally Santella announced that he plans to start working again on the 68 Frame off Restoration that he had to stop for a few months because of surgery on his leg.

50/50 RAFFLE:  No 50/50 Raffle was held at this Club meeting.


The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:00pm by our President, Ted Knapp. Our next meeting will be at Merrill Gardens, at 4:00pm, on December 7th.