Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(April 7, 2018)

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm by our Club President, Ted Knapp at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA.

April’s Club meeting was attended by 21 members.

Jerry Whitsett, now a new member, who owns a very nice 69 Firebird, was present at tonight’s Club Meeting.

Tom Willett read the meeting minutes from the March meeting, which were prepared by Wally Santella. They will be posted to our Website.

Tom Willett provided the 2018 April Treasurer’s Report ending March 31, 2018 and provided details for the Club’s 3 bank accounts.

Ted Knapp stated that he had talked with Tom Oxler (GTOAA president) who advised him that at the 2018 Nationals (to be held June 26-30 in Valley Forge, PA) the 2017 “Chapter of the Year” award would be presented to our NW GTO Legends Club! Jack Borell stated that he would be going to the event, and Ted stated he might attend as well if his schedule permits.

DONATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE – Tom Willett stated that the two documents (“Club Financial Policies” and “Savings Account Usage Policies and Guidelines”) have been prepared and approved by the members of the Donations Subcommittee. Ted Knapp will be sending out an e-mail “ballot” soon to enable all Club members the opportunity to vote on these two proposed Club policies.

2018 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) – Ted Knapp provided a power point presentation showing some of the venues for the event, and also some schematics illustrating the distances between the Howard Amon park, the Shilo Inn, the Marriot Hotel, and the Dairy Queen. John Lund stated that to date 42 folks had registered with 41 cars. Last year we had about 100 cars registered so John and Ted urged all Club members who are planning to go to get registered soon while the discounted price is still in effect. Ted noted that approximately 59 families had reserved hotel rooms, and that 157 room nights have been reserved so far.
We are planning to park trailers in the south portion of the Shilo Inn. Tom Willett will be able to park his camper there to provide some security. It was also mentioned that last year the Shilo had security folks on bicycles inspecting the area periodically. Ted stated that car washing facilities would be provided. It was suggested that the Club try to arrange to pay for the 1938 Pontiac limousine to shuttle from the hotels to the park, and Ted will follow up on that. The banquet will be held in the community center building adjacent to the park. Food choices include beef, chicken, salmon, and vegetarian. The various extra events were discussed, specifically the Dinner Cruise, the Jet Boat Tour, the Wine Tour, and the Dairy Queen Cruise. This year a local enthusiast, Don Myers, will lead a driving tour from the Dairy Queen on a 20 or 37 mile loop and back to the restaurant. The Dinner Cruise and the DQ cruise happen at the same time. It is possible to do the Jet Boat Tour on Sunday morning and the Wine Tour in the afternoon. Ted and some others did both last year, and then met at the Mariott hotel’s Lulu’s Kitchen afterwards for dinner. Don Myers also offered to lead a 60 mile (120 round trip) driving cruise/lunch to Walla Walla on Sunday morning if any folks are interested. There was considerable discussion, led by Gary Tischer, about the possibility of drag racing on Sunday. However the Walla Walla 1/8 mile track will not be open that weekend, and last year’s experience at Yakima’s Renegade track was universally viewed as unacceptable. Gary is going to explore more options. It was also mentioned that perhaps drag racing could be arranged at a later date at the Bremerton track or Pacific Raceways. Ted, Wally and Robert Weiss have contacted the Western Washington Firebirds Club and we are expecting a good turnout from the again this year. Unfortunately, as with last year, the Fiero show is either the weekend before or after our TOTC, so not much attendance expected from those folks. Ted and others will also promote our show to the Goat Herd, and expect good attendance from them.

The Club’s upcoming events were discussed, including Issaquah XXX, Picnic in the Park, and Griot’s. Also noted was the POCI event on July 14th, and Western Washington Firebird show on August 20th. It was again noted that the Club Calendar on our website is not populated with the various events that are planned for this year. Ted will look into this need.


Gary Tischer regaled us with the details of his trip to Oceanside, California, last month to visit and lunch with Jim Wangers and Jim Taylor. Of special note was Gary’s losing battle with the GPS unit that his daughter had loaned him. However, after the diabolical device had led him on a prolonged and circuitous goose-chase, Gary finally saw his hotel sign in front of him, and made a (“tech-less”) bee-line for the parking lot. And just in time too, for he then walked to the nearby Chinese restaurant and entered at 10:59 PM, one minute before closing! Being the discerning epicure that he is, Gary turned down the first menu he was presented with, but then shrewdly negotiated a take-out offering for the price of six dollars (we didn’t get a report on the tastiness, but at least Gary is still with us!).
Gary also reported that on March 24th & 25th, he took his 64 GTO to the Northwest Rodarama Rod & Custom Show at the Washington State Fairgrounds. The meet is “invitation only” so he was one of the 197 cars chosen – good work Gary! Gary also urged folks to attend the “last ever” Rods & Reels car show to be held June 2 in Skamokawa – beautiful location, great door prizes, wonderful cars.


Gary Tischer reported that he recently was successful in selling the ‘66 GTO that he had been caretaking for a relative. A gentleman from Canada saw it on Craig’s List and paid Gary cash for it. John Lund passed around some very nice authentic 1967 battery top ID stickers that he was able to purchase (from ?) for $15 each. Rich Sargent advised those present that he had driven to the meeting in a white 1966 Chrysler Newport 2-door hardtop with only 81K original miles that he had just purchased. Now that Rich has liberated about $30 in loose change that he discovered lodged in the seat’s upholstery, he will detail the car and offer it for sale (we went to look at it after the meeting and it is a beauty!). Tom Willett related that his 1996 Safari van that he drove to the meeting was also parked outside, sporting a new passenger door, trim, and front fender, courtesy of Maaco in Bellevue. Those who inspected it after the meeting said it was a excellent repair and paint job. The repair was necessitated due to a little “Christmas gift” by a “hit & run” person who backed into the parked van in the middle of the night just before the holidays. Pemco totaled out the vehicle and sent Tom a check, which was more than the cost of the repair, so he made a little money on the deal to cover his inconvenience.

50/50 Raffle: A 50/50 raffle was held and no, Delores Forsyth did not win!!
But Ed did, so $51 went to the Club, and $51 to Ed!

The Club’s Business Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm, by our President, Ted Knapp. Our next meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza in Burien on May 5th, 2018, at 6:00pm.