Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(September 7, 2019)

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by our Club Secretary, Wally Santella, (as our President Ted Knapp was home recuperating from knee replacement surgery) Ted Knapp at the Roundtable Pizza, in Burien, WA.

September’s Club meeting was attended by 14 members.

No new members or guests attended this Club Meeting.


Wally Santella read the September Secretaries Report and August’s meeting minutes were posted to the Club Website.

Wally Santella, with Tom Willett absence, was suppose to present the Treasures Report, but forgot to bring the printout that Tom emailed.  The membership will be updated at  October’s Club meeting by Tom Willett, who will cover the period from August 1st thru September 30th, providing the Club’s financial details for this period.

Wally Santella reported that there was no new correspondence received for the month of August. 

There was non guest speaker for the month of September.



2020 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Wally Santella reported that Ted Knapp has reviewed, negotiated and signed a contract with the Red Lion Hotel to secure it as our main venue for the 2020 Tigers on the Columbia event.  Ted also signed a contract with the City of Richland – Parks Department to secure the Howard Amon Park as our Car Show grounds for the 2020 Tigers on the Columbia.  Wally also added that Ted is exploring the possibility of a Brewery Tour as a Sunday Activity.

2021 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Wally Santella reported the Ted Knapp has also reviewed, negotiated and signed a contract to secure the Red Lion Hotel as our main venue for the 2021 Tigers on the Columbia event.   

2019 Club Christmas/Banquest/Meeting – Bob Weiss, Wally & Ann Santella  reminded the membership that we will need to make our Xmas banquet meal choices by our October 5th Club meeting.  Ann has reviewed the four meal menu offerings and recommended the “Winter Solstice Buffet”, which features three main Entrees, (with a choice of two), of which Ann recommends (1) “Holiday Bake Ham w/brown sugar glaze” and (2) “Oven Roasted Turkey”.  This menu also offers five Side Dish offerings (with a choice of two), of which Ann recommended (1) Garlic Mashed Potatoes and (2) Traditional Herbed Stuffing.  For the Salad offering (with a choice of one), Ann recommended the “Harvest Greens Salad w/balsamic vinaigrette”.  This meal choice also comes with “Glazed Rolls & Assorted Rustic Breads w/butter”.  For Dessert, Ann suggested the Club purchase 3 different Costco cakes, to complete the menu.  There will also be a number of Holiday Beverage Selections, including “Spiced Apple Cider”, “Hot Cocoa w/ whipped cream”, “Cranberry Spritzer”, and “Traditional Eggnog”.  These beverage choices will need to be discussed and decided later, at our October Club meeting.  The ACT 3 Catering Menu was passed around the attending membership for review and Charlene & Frank Furkovitch and Delores & Ed Forsyth voiced their approval of Ann’s recommendations.  Final discussions and choices will be established at our October Club meeting. 

Tom Willett provided recommendations for next years scholarship efforts and Wally Santella explained these to the attending membership.  Tom would like the membership to consider a motion to send out a voting ballot that will ask fo a “Yes” or “No” vote for a $1,500 scholarship donation to the Renton Technical Collage Fund, and a “Yes” or “No” vote for a $2,000 donation to the Washington Institute of Technology scholarship fund.  A motion was made to send out these two scholarship recommendations, along with Yes/No voting ballots, and was passed, unanimously by all 14 attending members.  

Drag Racing – Gary Tischer – Gary was not at this meeting so and update on progress to date was not available.



Pontiac Cruise to the East Side of Mt. St. Helens – Greg Amundson addressed the membership with his plans to put together a car cruise to the east side of Mt. St. Helens, on September 21st.  Greg will provide Wally Santella with a description of his plans, including photos and Wally will send these out to all of our members and members of the Goat Herd in a broadcast emailing, inviting all to join this car cruise.


2020 NW American Muscle Car Show – Wally Santella suggested to the attending membership that we will have 2 to 3  choices for our September 2020 dates for the NW American Muscle Car Show (Griot’s Show).  Wally stated that 2 of those dates would be on a Saturday and 1 would be on a Sunday.  Wally will discuss with Guy Devivo (Griot’s representative) and establish the actual date options and then report back on this subject at the October Club Meeting.  During the discussion that took place at the September meeting, a show of hands suggested that a majority of the attending membership preferred having this show on a Saturday.  

SHOP TALK:  Wally Santella
reported that he plans to return to the 1968 GTO Convertible frame-off restoration project by September 23rd.  Wally says there has been no progress on this project since he hurt his leg back in February.

50/50 RAFFLE:  A 50/50 Raffle was held and Greg Amundson won $25 and $25 went to the Club.


The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:30pm by our Secretary, Wally Santella.  Our next meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza, in Burien, on October 5th, at 6:00pm.