Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(January 4, 2020) 


Meeting called to order at 6:08pm by our President, Bill Nelson at Round Table Pizza, in Burien, WA. 

January’s Club Meeting was attended by 27 members. 

No guests and 1 new member attended this Club Meeting.  


Bill Nelson gave an introductory speech explaining his reasons for volunteering to run for club President, and introduced the new Secretary, Bob Stevenson, and the continuing officers Gary Tischer as Vice President and Tom Willett as Treasurer. Bill also introduced David and Melinda Gale, who are the new Newsletter Editor/Publishers, Barbara Brazil, who is taking on the new expanded role as Membership Manager, and Wally, Ted and Jim Braden as the Event Coordinator Team.

Bob Stevenson read the December meeting minutes and reported that they were posted to the Club Website. No revisions or additions were called for by the members and the minutes were declared approved as written. 

Tom Willett read the December Treasurer’s Report and provided the Club’s financial details for the period of December 1st, through December 31st,  2019, including the Club’s current asset value and a running history of the club Liquid Net Assets at the end of each month starting with December 2018.  

Bob Stevenson reported that there was no correspondence received for the month of December. 

There was no guest speaker for the month of December. 


2020 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Ted Knapp gave a quick confirmation of next year’s Tigers on the Columbia plans. This year’s event will be May 22, 23 and 24th. The club has signed contracts with the Red Lion Hotel and City of Richland for the Howard Amon Park.  Ted is continuing his effort to schedule a Beer Brewery Tour as a possible activity for Sunday. Ted also plans to contact the Shilo Inn for use as an alternate location for lodging and trailer parking. Wally reported that work has begun on a new flyer with a new picture, and that T-shirt design will begin shortly in concert with Ed Forsyth and Jack Borell. 


February Meeting – Ted Knapp
confirmed that the February club meeting will be held at Mario Pippins’ car collection in Renton on February 1st. Ted reported that it is an eclectic collection of around 25 cars, including a couple GTOs. The club will be providing pizza and sodas. The gathering starts at 4:00pm and the business meeting will begin at 6:00pm. Directions are included in the January newsletter, and will also be emailed by Wally. Parking is immediately East of the building, and entry is through the door on the south side of the building off of Tillicum Street. There should be sufficient parking to bring your classic car if you want.

Membership Renewals – Wally Santella reported that of the 109 active members in the club, 88 are currently paid. Wally also reminded the membership that our club is the largest GTOAA club in existence by number of members.  Wally and Barbara will be contacting the procrastinators that have not renewed. Please try to renew if you haven’t already!

 Sponsors – Wally Santella reported that all sponsorship money for 2020 has been committed by the sponsors and received by the club.



2020 Club Events – Bill Nelson expressed his desire for more “informal” club events for this year such as short day drives in interesting areas like Chuckanut Drive in the Northend and Fort Nisqually Park in the Southend. Bill also is open to the idea of having the club meeting at Northend locations as well as the Southend, as there is a pretty even distribution of members north and south of Interstate 90. Several members added ideas for events, such as a trip to Winthrop or Point Defiance, or attending the Rod Run to the End of the World car show in Long Beach, WA in September.

Future Club Meeting –   Ted Knapp, confirmed his efforts to get the February 2020 Club meeting held at Mario Pippins’ car collection in Renton, at the south end of the Renton Airport.  Ted added that the Club would provide pizza and soft drinks for this gathering.  The plan at this time (which will need to be confirmed by Bill Nelson) will be to start the gathering at 4:00pm, view the collection and start the business meeting at 6:00pm.  Ted added that we will announce and describe this special meeting in our Legendary Lines and thru a broadcast email. 

New Board Member at Large – Bob Stevenson announced that Steve Martin has been appointed as a Board Member at Large by the club Board of Directors. Steve will also substitute for Bob as Secretary if Bob cannot attend a club Business Meeting. Wally mentioned that John Pearson had previously held a Member at Large position, and John confirmed he was no longer active in that role.

50/50 RAFFLE:  Gary Tischer provided 50/50 Raffle tickets, and $98.00 was collected. Paul Dempsey won $49.00 and $49.00 dollars went to the Club.


SHOP TALK: Wally discussed a special birthday party for his son, which took place at The Shop in Seattle. Wally’s silver ’64 GTO was center stage at the party. Several members added to the discussion of The Shop, which is a membership only garage and shop complex, but somewhat open to the public as there is a restaurant and viewing area allowing people to see what is parked in the garage area. Gary has been helping with upgrades and improvements to a ’64 GTO tri-power convertible, and Wally is also still working on the ’64 GTO in his shop.  


The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:20pm by our President, Bill Nelson. Our next business meeting will be at the Mario Pippin car collection in Renton, 307 Airport Way South, at 6:00pm, on February 1st, 2020. A social gathering and club provided pizza and sodas starts at 4:00pm.