Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(February 1, 2020) 


Meeting called to order at 5:45pm by our President, Bill Nelson at Mario Pipkins’ car collection in Renton, WA. 

January’s Club Meeting was attended by 37 members. 

Numerous guests attended this Club Meeting.   

Bob Stevenson read the January meeting minutes and reported that they were posted to the Club Website. No revisions or additions were called for by the members and the minutes were declared approved as written. 

Tom Willett read the January Treasurer’s Report and provided the Club’s financial details for the period of January 1st through January 31st,  2019.  

Wally Santella reported that an email was received from The Shop in Seattle inviting our club to Cars and Coffee on Saturday mornings. The Board agreed to investigate dates and respond back. 

There was no guest speaker for the month of January. 


2020 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Ted Knapp gave a quick confirmation of next year’s Tigers on the Columbia plans. This year’s event will be May 22, 23 and 24th. The club has signed contracts with the Red Lion Hotel and City of Richland for the Howard Amon Park.  Ted and Don Meyer are continuing their efforts to schedule a Beer Brewery Tour as a possible activity for Sunday. Ted also plans to sign a contract with the Shilo Inn for use as an alternate location for lodging and trailer parking. Reservations will need to be made 30 days earlier than last year for the Shilo. The Water to Wine boat cruise is on the schedule, along with the salute to the military with Taps played by Kevin Kerr on his bugle and the “engine roar” at noon, and a revised Yakima cruise on Sunday after the event. The group will leave Richland at roughly the same time Sunday and regroup at the same park near Yakima as last year, but not for lunch. The cruise will continue through the “canyon drive” and end at the Red Horse Diner in Ellensburg for lunch. Details for all of the TOTC events will be published and emailed to members as soon as they are finalized. Wally reported that work continues on a new flyer with a new picture, and that T-shirt design will begin shortly in concert with Ed Forsyth and Jack Borell. Invitations will be sent to anyone who has ever attended the event, along with contacts in California, Oregon and Canada.


Membership Renewals – Wally Santella reported that of the 109 active members in the club, 99 are currently paid. Wally also reminded the membership that our club is the largest GTOAA club in existence by number of members and we want to retain that status!  Wally and Barbara will be contacting the procrastinators that have not renewed. Please try to renew if you haven’t already!


2020 Club Events – Bill Nelson reiterated his desire for more “informal” club events for this year. The schedule of events is listed in the club newsletter Legendary Lines. One change is the NW American Muscle Car Show at Griot’s in Tacoma has moved from September 26th to Sunday, June 28th. We’re hoping for better weather and a bigger turnout, so please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

2020 Christmas Party –   Bill Nelson began a discussion of this year’s Christmas party. Several members spoke very favorably of the venue and food at the 2019 party, and expressed a desire to have it there again. A few suggestions of other locations were discussed, such as the new Thunder Dome Car Museum in Enumclaw. Tom Willett noted that the club subsidized the party last year, and the Board decided to discuss how much to subsidize this year. A vote was taken and it was decided to return to Merrill Gardens this year, and continue to explore other possible locations. Thanks again to Dr Bob Weiss for making all of the arrangements for this excellent event.

July club meeting – Bill Nelson announced that the club will be meeting at a private residence in the Kent area in July. Discussion was held about the date, since the normal club meeting date falls on July 4th this year. A vote was taken and it was decided to have the meeting remain on Saturday the 4th, with a picnic and members can stay for views of nearby fireworks at dusk if desired, or attend their own 4th of July celebrations.

April club meeting – Bill Nelson also announced that the April club meeting may be held at the Thunder Dome Car Museum in Enumclaw. Watch for emails and the newsletter for updates.

SHOP TALK: The club has a new mascot! Steve Martin introduced everyone to his new beagle Chester. Steve and Bill Nelson recently attended a dog show and there is a possibility that Bill will also be a dog owner soon. Stay tuned! Jim Smith is looking for an inner fender liner for his ’66 GTO, specifically with the small dimple. The Buick swap meet is coming up on Feb 8th at Pacific Raceways in Kent. Also, the Early Bird swap meet is soon in Puyallup. Gary Tischer recently attended the Barrett Jackson Auction, and highly recommends it. He saw many very nice GTOs there. 


The club’s business meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm by our President, Bill Nelson. Our next business meeting will be at Round Table Pizza in Burien, at 6:00pm, on March 7th, 2020.