Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(December 7, 2019) 



Meeting called to order at 4:25pm by our President, Ted Knapp at Merrill Gardens, in Burien, WA. 

December’s Club Meeting/Xmas Banquet was attended by 59 members. 

No guests or new members at this Club Meeting.  

Wally Santella read the December’s Secretaries Report and November’s meeting minutes were posted to the Club Website.   

Tom Willett read the December’s Treasures Report and provided the Club’s financial details for the period of November 1st, through November 30th,  2019, including the Club’s current asset value.  

Wally Santella reported that there was no correspondence received for the month of November. 

There was non guest speaker for the month of December. 



2020 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Ted Knapp gave a quick confirmation of next year’s Tigers on the Columbia plans.  He reminded the attendees that the contracts with the Red Lion and City of Richland for the Howard Amon Park were both signed.  Ted also explained his ongoing effort to efforts to explore a Beer Brewery Tour, as a possible activity for Sunday.  

2021 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Plans – Ted Knapp reminded the attendees that he has also signed a contract with the Red Lion Hotel to secure the Red Lion as our main venue for 2021’s Tigers on the Columbia event.  



2020 Scholarship Donation Plans – Tom Willett confirmed his effort to following through on the results of the Club’s decision to support his plan to provide Lake Washington Institute of Technology with a $2000 donation to their scolarship program for 2019, and to provide the Renton Technical Collage with a $2,500 donation to their scholarship program.  Tom will be sending donation checks as we move into the new year. 



2020 Club Officer Elections – Ted Knapp announced the current Club Officer candidates for 2020, including Bill Nelson for President, Gary Tischer for VP, Tom Willett for Treasurer, and Bob Stevenson for Secretary, and asked for any additional candidates.  No additional candidates were offered up by the attending membership.  Ted then raised a motion that these current candidates be approved by the attending membership thru a show of hands.  All candidates were unanimously approved by the attending membership and will officially take their Club Officer positions on January 1st, 2020. 

Future Club Meeting –   Ted Knapp, confirmed his efforts to get the February 2020 Club meeting held at Mario Pippins’ car collection in Renton, at the south end of the Renton Airport.  Ted added that the Club would provide pizza and soft drinks for this gathering.  The plan at this time (which will need to be confirmed by Bill Nelson) will be to start the gathering at 4:00pm, view the collection and start the business meeting at 6:00pm.  Ted added that we will announce and describe this special meeting in our Legendary Lines and thru a broadcast email. 


50/50 RAFFLE:  Gary Tischer and his 2 Sisters provided 50/50 Raffle tickets, and $302.00 were collected.  David Gale won $151.00 and $151.00 dollars went to the Club.


2019 Club Awards – Ted Knapp & Wally Santella started the award presentations early, in order to recognize Steve Martin’s dog “Payton”, who is currently in critical health and will soon have to be laid to rest.  The award included the following inscription:   

In memory of “Payton”, of royal Beagle linage, and his long line of duty as our Northwest GTO Legends official club mascot, and his special bond with his owner, Steve Martin, a long time club member, we take this opportunity to pay our respects for his loyal participation in our club activities. 

 Later on, after our Xmas Dinner, we announced the following Special Recognition Awards:
(1) Jim Braden – For providing Vote Tally & Winners for the TOTC/XXX/Griot’s Car shows and Coordinating of the Griot’s Show.
(2) Steve Ferkovich – For Parking, Setup, & Take Down duties for the TOTC & Griot’s Shows.
(3) Steve Martin – For Parking, Setup, Take Down duties for the TAOTC & XXX Shows.
(4) Milt Vine – For Car Photography duties at the TOTC Show & submitting a GTOAA Legends Article.
(5) Don McLaughlin – For Car Photography duties at the TOTC Show.
(6) Lynette Thomas – For providing 50/50 Raffle ticket services at the Griot’s Show.
(7) Ron Rupert – For Parking, Setup, Take Down duties at the TOTC, XXX, & Griot’s Shows.
(8) Charles Brass – For driving the Supply Truck, Parking, Setup, & Takedown duties for the TOTC & Griots Car Show.
(9) Bill Nelson – For Tech Check-In duties for the TOTC Show & Event Parking duties at the XXX Show.
(10) Jack & Pat Borell – For Providing Merchandise Sales at the TOTC Show & for Jack’s Gate duties a the Griot’s Show.
(11) Don Romero – For the NW GTO Legends “Legendary Lines” Editor & Publisher efforts.
(12) Lonnie Santella – For NW GTO Legends Website & G-Man Management System development efforts.
(13) Barbara Brazil – For NW GTO Legends Membership Management Duties. 


 This yearly award was won by Ed & Delores Forsyth – For Ed’s work providing support for the Tech Check-In, Setup, Take Down, duties at our TOTC Car Show and for Delores Forsyth’s outstanding efforts (with some help from Ed) providing Raffle Prize sales at our TOTC, XXX, & Griots Shows.


The club’s business meeting adjourned at 5:15pm by our President, Ted Knapp. Our next meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza, at 6:00pm, on January 4th, 2020.