Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(January 8, 2022) 



Meeting called to order at 6:12pm by our President, Bill Nelson at Roundtable Pizza, in Burien, WA. 

The November Club Meeting was attended by 14 members. 

No guests and one new member attended this Club Meeting.  

No Secretary’s report was reported, as there was no meeting held in December. 

Tom Willett read the treasurer’s report. The report was accepted as presented.  

Bill Nelson reported that there was no correspondence received recently. 

There was no guest speaker for the month of January. 


Tigers on the Columbia – Wally reported that all arrangements have been made for the 2022 Tigers on the Columbia event in Richland on May 27th – 29th. Discussions were held about car cruises on Friday and Sunday, along with the boat cruises. Final decisions on the flyer were made so that it can be distributed, and registration can go live the first week of February. The fee for using Howard Amon park has increased from $150 to $500. There was also discussion about the 2023 event being held in Wenatchee, WA. Ted Knapp gave a presentation showing possible locations and hotels. He is in discussions with all relevant parties and will keep the club up to date on details at upcoming meetings.

2022 Events: Wally reported that the American Muscle Car Show at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma will be on June 26th, and the NW Muscle Car Meet will be August 7th at the XXX Drive-In in Issaquah. The Mud Mountain Dam site which has traditionally been used for the Mark Bilyeu Memorial Picnic in late August is not available to be reserved until May of this year. Discussion was held about having an event at Ted and Jackie Knapp’s house as an alternate. Ted is open to that idea.


Bill Nelson thanked all of the members for a successful 2021 season, highlighting our Reunion Show in Bellevue, the picnic at Ted’s house and the attendance at the Christmas party, along with our car cruises. 

 Wally made a motion to accept the current slate of officers for 2022, since an election was not held at the Christmas party in December. The motion was seconded and passed.


Wally reported that the club was informed by GTOAA that they no longer will pro-rate memberships for partial year renewals or new members in order for their GTOAA dues to align with NW GTO Legends’ January to December dues cycle. They will now base all memberships on a person’s anniversary date, which is when they sign up for GTOAA membership. Because most of the NW GTO Legends’ members have been renewing in January, this has very little effect on the current members. The membership committee will continue to collect dues from the majority of members in December and January. This will be their “anniversary date” as far as GTOAA is concerned. What this will mean, however, is if a new member joins during the year, that person’s GTOAA and NW Legends membership will renew on that anniversary date. Wally presented revisions to the Bylaws to conform to this new method. After discussion, a motion to accept the Bylaws revisions was made, seconded, and passed. Changes will be made to GMAN to handle the new anniversary renewal cycle, with a 30 day warning that a member’s dues are about to expire.

 Pat KInsella questioned the method by which the Bylaws could be revised. After much discussion, it was noted that Article IX, Section 1 of the Bylaws allows the Bylaws to be amended by a majority of the members at a Club meeting if a written proposal is submitted to the Board. An earlier motion to research the amendment process was made but later rescinded.

Bill Nelson initiated a discussion relating to the annual election of Board members. Bill’s concern is that the election is currently required per the Bylaws to be at the Awards Banquet (aka Christmas Party) in December. He suggested that the election be held in November at a regular club meeting to alleviate issues with trying to hold the election during the Christmas party. A motion by Melinda Gale to move the election to November was made, seconded, and approved. Wally will arrange for the amendment to the Bylaws Article III, Section 2, to reflect this change.

50/50 RAFFLE:   David and Melinda Gale won the 50/50 raffle and donated the winnings back to the club.

SHOP TALK: Wally and Bill shared shop talk stories.  

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 8:10pm by our President, Bill Nelson. Our next business meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza in Burien on February 5th.