Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(April 2, 2022) 


Meeting called to order at 6:05pm by our President, Bill Nelson at Roundtable Pizza, in Burien, WA. 

The April Club Meeting was attended by 21 members. 

No guests or new members attended this Club Meeting.  

No Secretary’s report was presented, as the Secretary was not present. 

Tom Willett read the treasurer’s report. The report was accepted as presented.  

Bill Nelson reported that there was no correspondence received recently. 

There was no guest speaker for the month of April. 


Tigers on the Columbia – Wally reported that 40 registrations have been received, with only 19 club members so far. In 2019, out of 88 registrations only 27 were from our club. Goal is 150 registrations. We are reaching out to all clubs and chapters including Canada, Idaho, Oregon and California. We would really like to get 50% participation from our club. The Holiday Inn has 75 room nights booked so far. There will be a cruise to the show leaving Thursday morning. It will meet at 9:30am, get to Ellensburg for lunch by noon and arrive in Richland by 3-3:30. Veterans and fallen military members will be saluted with a trumpet at the show on Saturday.  Ted Knapp talked about the Tigers show in Wenatchee in 2023. We need at least 40 rooms booked. The banquet deposit was lowered to $500. There will be no problem skipping a year and going back to Richland in 2024. Still haven’t got insurance for this year’s show but GTOAA said they will have it to us by April 4th. A motion was made to have the show in Wenatchee in 2023, it was seconded and passed.


Bill Nelson reported that the Christmas party location still isn’t solved, but may be at the Thunderdome Car Museum in Enumclaw again. We may or may not invite the Firebird club again. Awards for individuals weren’t given out at last year’s party and may not this year either. Still need to check on Merrill Gardens as a possible venue.


There is a request for us to sponsor a trophy for the POCI event at the Pontiac Museum Car Show. Our club name will be on the trophy. There was a motion to provide the sponsorship for $100, seconded and passed.

New member Charles Stumpel from New York GTO Club of Long Island sold his ’68 GTO convertible and is going to buy another car. He’s looking for a ’70 Judge convertible.

Newsletter printing was discussed, may be a new printer soon.

All other shows for the year were discussed and days and times confirmed. June 26th – Muscle Car Show at Griot’s, July 16th – POCI show at Griot’s, July 22-23 Good Guys Show in Puyallup, August 7th Muscle Car Show at XXX.

John Hertog has a plan for a Northend cruise and there will also be a Southend cruise. Bill would also like us to have a presence at the Good Guys show this year.

50/50 RAFFLE:   

SHOP TALK: Tom Willett talked about his motor going out, he’s pulling the motor and sending to Spokane for a rebuild.  

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:50pm by our President, Bill Nelson. Our next business meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza in Burien on May 7th.