Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(April 3, 2021) 


Meeting called to order at 11:25am by our President, Bill Nelson at the Hilton Hotel parking garage, in Bellevue, WA. 

The April Club Meeting was attended by 15 members. 

No guests and 2 new members attended this Club Meeting.  

Bob Stevenson  reported that there was no Secretary’s report due to no club activity since the last club meeting in March 2020. 

Tom Willett read the April Treasurer’s Report. The report was accepted as presented.  

Bill Nelson reported that there was no correspondence received recently. 

There was no guest speaker for the month of April. 


2021 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) update – Ted Knapp reported that the event is cancelled for 2021, due to the uncertainty over Covid 19 restrictions and club committment to the Reunion Convention Show in July. Tigers on the Columbia will return in 2022!

2021 EVENTS – Bill Nelson reported that the Muscle Car Show at Griot’s Garage in Tacoma is scheduled for June 27th. Bill asked if the club wanted to host that show with it being in such close proximity to the Reunion Convention less than 3 weeks later. Bob Stevenson suggested doing a cruise to Griot’s that weekend instead. Wally will check with Griot’s to see if doing a cruise to their site on Saturday, June 26th in lieu of the show would work with their schedule.

2016 GTOAA Reunion Convention and Show – Bill Nelson and Wally Santella reported that the club Board of Directors had met just before the club meeting at the Hilton and reviewed the status of registrations and club financial liabilities related to hosting the show. As of Saturday, April 3rd, there were 49 registered (paid) cars and 46 pledged cars. It was felt that with the recent positive responses received and past experience, the club should meet our goal of breaking even financially. We’re hoping for more participation from the Firebird Club and also the Fiero club. Finances were discussed at length and before concluding the meeting a vote was taken on whether to continue with preparations to hold the show July 16th – 18th. The vote passed unanimously. The Board plans to meet again prior to the May club meeting to review the status of registrations and other event plans. Members are welcome to attend the Board meeting. Following the Board meeting, Wally reviewed a detailed Event Plan. Volunteers are still needed for the show setup on Thursday, July 15th anytime between Noon and 5pm to help assemble signs and setup the Concours area. Feel free to just show up! A flyer is complete, and a proposed design for the event T-shirt was shown. It basically consists of the original 2016 GTOAA Nationals logo surrounded by red text that reads “Seattle – Bellevue, WA 5 Year Reunion Convention”.

Bill Nelson
recognized David and Melinda Gale for their excellent work on the newsletter and extra club notices during our year of pandemic-related lack of club meetings and car events. Their hard work and dedication made up for the lack of in person meetings. Thank you again David and Melinda for a superb job! We greatly appreciate your excellent monthly newsletter.

Wally Santella reported that club membership is strong, with 100 active members.


Future Club meetings – Bill Nelson reported that the Round Table Pizza where the club has met in the past has remodeled and the meeting room in the back of the restaurant is now a game room. If the club decides to meet there in the future, the meeting area will be in the partially glassed-in area toward the front. It was suggested that since the meeting format worked fairly well in the Bellevue Hilton parking garage, that we may hold the next club meeting(s) at the same location, since this will allow members to become acquainted with the location in preparation for the July reunion show and also to generate more interest in the show by attending meetings at the actual site.


50/50 RAFFLE:   There was no 50/50 raffle this month.

SHOP TALK: Steve Martin acquired a 1972 GTO and Bill Nelson also acquired another GTO. Gary and Wally shared information on car projects.  

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 12:20pm by our President, Bill Nelson. Our next business meeting will tentatively be at the Hilton Hotel parking garage in Bellevue at 11:00am on May 4th, 2020. Watch for an email notice to confirm the location and time.