Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(November 4, 2023) 


Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by our President, Bill Nelson at Amante Pizza and Pasta, in Kent, WA.

The meeting total attendance was 14. 

No guests and no new members attended this Club Meeting.  

Bob Stevenson read a condensed version of the October club meeting minutes.  

Tom Willett read the treasurer’s report. Tom also informed the club of donations made to Fisher House, Life Enrichment, Lake Washington Institute and Renton Technical College.

There was no correspondence received recently. 

There was no guest speaker.


Wally Santella reported that the GTOAA dues will increase to $45 per year. There was discussion around this issue, of whether or not to decrease the club dues to offset this increase in order to prevent members from dropping their membership due to the increase. It was decided to keep our dues the same. If someone has a hardship with paying dues, they can discuss with Wally.

Wally reported that there are currently 8 couples registered for the Holiday Party, with one of those from the Firebird club. Bill will attend the Firebird club meeting and discuss their involvement as far as attending and helping to offset costs of the event. There will be a white elephant gift exchange for those that want to participate, with a $25 limit on present cost. Ann Santella will coordinate centerpieces.


There was discussion of Bylaw changes to move the annual elections earlier than December. We have also recently skipped the September meeting to give people a chance to recharge and also because it will always fall on the Labor Day weekend. Jack Borell suggested taking the September meeting off, and having officer nominations take place in October and November, with the vote taking place at the November meeting. Bob Stevenson suggested the following process for updating the Bylaws: the Board reviews and makes draft changes to the existing Bylaws; this draft is sent via email to all Active club members, with directions to provide comments within 30 days; the draft Bylaws will be presented at the next meeting and will be voted on by members present.

Bill Nelson called for any further nominations for club officers. There were none. A vote was called to elect the current slate of officers for 2024 and passed. Club officers for 2024 will be: Bill Nelson, President; Ted Knapp, Vice President; Bob Stevenson, Secretary; Tom Willett, Treasurer.


Bill Nelson asked for the creation of a flyer with the three club events for 2024 with a membership application on the back. Wally will work on this.

Bill also asked the event committee to come up with suggestions for re-useable or more generic awards for the non-Tigers events. 

 50/50 RAFFLE:   Steve Martin won the 50/50 raffle, with $20 going to the club.

SHOP TALK: Wally and several others discussed projects they are working on.

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:40pm by our President, Bill Nelson. The next club meeting will tentatively be on Saturday, January 9th at 6:00pm at Amante Pizza and Pasta, 21020 84th Ave South, Kent, WA, pending confirmation from the restaurant.